Create your own ombre slat board with just a few colors of craft acrylic paint and a foam brush! Then, personalize it – I added a fun dandelion vinyl. What colors will YOU use?


12×12 slat board unfinished sign
Jute cording
Acrylic paint – choose at least 3 colors that can blend together like the yellow, orange, and red shades
Foam brush
Vinyl of your choice

Apply 1st color of paint to top of wood slat board – about the top 1/3 then, while 1st paint is still wet apply orange paint to the middle 1/3- blend the the space where the first and second colors meet to create a nice fade from one color to the next. then, while paint is still wet, apply the red paint to the bottom 1/3. Start at the very bottom and work your way up blending into the middle color. Blending the red and orange colors where they meet to create a fade from one color to the next.
Let dry.
Wrap jute cording around the metal wire hanger.
Apply the vinyl of your choice to slat board. If your vinyl design is larger then 1 of the slats, you can cut your vinyl into segments the same width as each slat so that you can apply the vinyl to more then one slat- as was done with the white dandelion vinyl pictured above.
Tip- if desired you can distress the painted slat board a little before adding vinyl by sanding away some of the color.