Our Black Photo Collage Tray is a staple at Craft Warehouse. You can customize it with any papers (scrapbook paper or cardstock is best to work with) and fill the openings with photos, mementos, and decorative papers or journal cards. You can also choose to leave the mat as is, which is white.

The Black Photo Collage Tray has 9 openings and an overall dimension of 18″ x14″.

The possibilities for this tray are practically endless. 

  • Use for a wedding. Fill each tray with pictures of the happy couple and place on each table with a bud vase and a candle.
  • Create the tray to commemorate any occasion like graduation, retirement, marriage, birthday, anniversary
  • Fill with photos and give to a long-distance relative.
  • Make it seasonal and add papers and photos from past holidays and keep out for the season.
  • Decorate the mat and add a couple of pieces of decorative papers and leave the rest empty as a hostess or house warming gift.
  • Create the tray for a new mom – fill with photos of the baby’s first year and give it to her on thier first birthday. 
  • Ditch the photos and fill with pretty papers, quotes, vintage memorabilia, or original artwork.

To create the photo collage tray as shown here with decorative paper on the mat, see directions below:


  • Black Matted Photo Tray (BCI-101)
  • 4 sheets of the same 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper to cover the white matboard 
  • Photos or Journal cards to fill the openings on the matboard.
  • Masking Tape or any other tape you have handy
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Directions on creating a Photo Collage Tray from Craft Warehouse


  1. Take apart tray, clean and dry the glass and set aside.
  2. Take the 4 matching papers and tape them together as one big 24×24 square. Make sure to apply the tape to the back side of what you want to be shown.
  3. Place the matting that comes with your tray down on the backside of the paper and trace all around the matboard, including inside the windows.
  4. Then cut out each window using scissors or a craft knife. 
  5. Use a tape runner to secure the paper to the mat. You can also leave it unglued or barely glued if you think you’ll want to change out the paper in the future. Just placing the mat on top will be secure enough
  6. Choose which photos or images you would like to use
  7. Place images behind the mat and use tape to secure them to back of the opening.
  8. Place everything back into the photo tray frame and you’re done!


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