Silky soft Cuddle fabric resembles real mink in touch. It has a soft short pile that is as soft as cashmere. It is the ultimate fabric for making blankets or a Cuddle throw for everyone from babies to adults!


8 strips, 5 1/2″ x 30″, of Cuddle
5/8 yd Cuddle for outer borders
1/3 yd Cuddle for 2 1/2″ border
1/4 yd Cuddle for binding

You will need to purchase fabric for backing. We recommend 1-1/4 yards Cuddle


Finished Size 45″x55″
Sew the Cuddle strips together in your order of preference. The kit is designed to coordinate, so the order is purely your preference.
Trim the center of the quilt so that it is 30″ wide.
Cut the 1/3 yard of border fabric into 4 strips each 2 1/2″ wide. Stitch the borders to the sides of the quilt first, and then to the top and bottom.
Cut the 5/8 yd of Cuddle into 4 strips each 5 1/2″ wide. Add to the sides first, and then to the top and Bottom.
Lay the quilt front and backing wrong sides together and pin liberally (insert batting if desired, but be sure to use a spray adhesive so it doesn’t slide). Quilt in the ditch or as your prefer.
Cut the 1/4 yard of Cuddle binding fabric into 2″ wide strips. Seam these and add them to the quilt by stitching in a narrow seam, folding it over and under and then stitching down on the top or bottom side using a serpentine stitch.

HINTS: Use a walking foot and pin liberally. this fabric moves! The use of batting is optional two layers of Cuddle may be all that you want or need, it will be heavy. We recommend a size 90 universal machine needle. It works well on the knit and is heavy enough to do the machine quilting to finish.