It’s time to hang up our flip flops and get back to school! This week we will have fun ideas that are perfect for Dorm Room Decor! Even if it’s only home for a short time, make your space one of a kind! These quick and easy projects will help make that space fit you!

Adding a crisp and colorful name to this sleek cotton drawstring bag makes it easy to identify in a packed laundry room!


1 yard fabric, more if you wish to make a larger bag
2 yards ribbon, parachute cord or 3/8″ cotton cording for the drawstring
Cord stops, if using parachute cord or cotton cording
*Optional*: coordinating fabric for pocket and wording, fusible web for wording. Lace, ric-rac, pom-poms for trim.


All seam allowances are ¼”.
1. Trim selvedges.
2. If you aren’t putting a pocket or patch on your bag skip to #8.
3. Cut the pocket fabric 24″x8″. Trace, draw or create your letters using a software program. Print them in reverse so they’ll appear correctly after you cut them out.

College Week! Make a Laundry Bag

4. Follow the instructions to fuse your fusible web to coordinating fabric for your name or wording. Using a zig zag or satin stitch around each letter, stitch to secure in place. I pinned a piece of stabilizer (used for machine embroidery), to make the stitching easier.

College Week! Make a Laundry Bag

5. Fold the pocket fabric in half and sew around 3 sides of the pocket leaving an opening of 4″. Clip your corners on the diagonal. Turn right side out, press and stitch the opening closed.

6. Place your pocket on the bag fabric, about 8″ down from the top and 5″ from an outside edge. Pin in place and top stitch close to the pocket edge.

College Week! Make a Laundry Bag

7. Fold your bag fabric right sides together, leaving the top open. Stop (or start) stitching 2 ¼ from the top to allow an opening for the drawstring. I stitched the bag seam a second time to reinforce it. Turn right side out.

8. Press the top edge under ¼. Fold under 1″ and press to form a casing. Pin and stitch close to the folded edge.

9. Thread your ribbon or cording through the opening in the side seam. Thread the Cord Stops onto your cording. Knot the ends to prevent fraying.

This Laundry Bag can be made quickly and easily! It is a great way to make a unique room accent that matches your style!