It’s time to hang up our flip flops and get back to school! This week we will have fun ideas that are perfect for Dorm Room Decor! Even if it’s only home for a short time, make your space one of a kind! These quick and easy stretched canvas board projects will help make that space fit you!

14″x18″ pre-stretched canvas1 fat quarter in fabric of your choice
¼ yard of chalk cloth
Staple gun, I used an electric one
1. Cut your fat quarter 2-3″ larger than the canvas. In this case, 16″x20″ or slightly larger. Iron to make it perfectly smooth. I used Mary Ellena’s Best Press to give it a bit of crispness.

2. Line up the top edge and staple on the back side of the frame, avoiding the staples that are already there. If you have lines in your fabric design, line them up to be straight. Staple the bottom, pulling it snugly but not tight. Now staple the sides in place. I mitered the corners, but you don’t have to.

3. Cut your chalk cloth 8″ wide and 2-3″ longer than your board. You can use a pinking shears or fun blade to make a decorative edge to your chalk cloth. Again, staple the top first before stapling the bottom in place.