Two of our favorite trends in 1 fabulous project! Pair the fun of chalkboard with the flair of marquee lights! What name will you put up in lights?

Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter kits (spell out whatever you want!) each kit includes battery operated lights, and bulb covers
Krylon Chalkboard paint spray- black


1. In a ventilated area- lay down cardboard or other protective material. Lay out your marquee light letters (just the letters, don’t add the lights or bulbs yet). Spray paint each letter with Chalkboard spray paint. Inside and outside. Allow to dry.

2. Pre-treat the chalk surface by rubbing regular chalk all over surface until totally coated in chalk. Then wipe clean with cloth.

3. Now decorate how you like with chalk.

4. Finally, add your lights and bulbs! Each letter includes just the right number of lights and bulb covers for your particular letter. Follow the included map to be sure lights are strung in correct order. Add bulb covers.  Add batteries to light up your name!