Rob Roy McGregor

Scottish Folk Hero Rob Roy McGrego

Buffalo Plaid is all over everything this year. You can see the iconic black and red plaid check pattern in fashion, graphic design, home decor and craft designs. Buffalo Plaid is definitely enjoying a strong resurgence in popularity, but the well-known pattern has never really gone away since it was first introduced to America in 1850.


Around 1850 a designer at the Woolrich Mill in Pennsylvania created a plaid like the traditional Scottish Tartan called Rob Roy (Or Old MacGregor). The Scottish Tartan had been around since 1700 or earlier and had probably found it’s way to America about 50 years earlier.

The Woolrich designer named it Buffalo Plaid – after the herd of Buffalo he had on his ranch. The Woolrich Company used the Wool Buffalo Plaid Fabric to create the first ready-made garment they offered and they have never stopped selling it.  

Buffalo Plaid Trends

The wool plaid shirt was warm and durable and the red color was quite vibrant. It quickly became a staple for the outdoor workers of the time. Once Hollywood started showing the shirt on western film heroes Buffalo Plaid became part of the romantic history of America.

But, a funny thing happened. The Buffalo Plaid never really went away. It was seen in fashion and decor in almost every decade since. Becoming especially popular again in the 50’s, the 80’s and now. The original plaid was shown mostly in red and black, but any large plaid crisscrossed with white or black is generally considered a Buffalo Plaid.


Crafting with Buffalo Plaid

There are a lot of ways to include Buffalo Plaid into your living space decor and crafting.  There is the basic Buffalo Plaid blanket and clothing, but you can also add Buffalo Plaid in your bedding, tablescaping, pillows, paper crafts, quilting, and kitchen accessories.

We currently carry Buffalo Plaid in paper lines and fabric lines. We have Buffalo Plaid in the home decor department in table runners, ribbon, kitchen towels, and more. Come by and add lots of Buffalo Check to your home decor and craft projects. Winter is the best time to indulge in the classic Old MacGregor tartan. Rob Roy would be proud.

Buffalo Plaid Projects from Craft Warehouse