I’ve been making these Origami clocks for years, out of everything from wallpaper to vellum. I love to teach this craft to friends, so I’m excited to give the readers on this blog the instructions as well! It’s truly a completely customizable decor piece, and is way easier to make than it looks. In addition to the Origami clock, I’m including ideas on a pop-up card using the same Origami folds as the clock. Origami isn’t just paper cranes or airplanes, and once you get the hang of a few basic folds, you can incorporate origami folding into lots of other paper crafts.

Origami Clock


*4 sheets of patterned paper, 2 each of 2 patterns. I used paper from Authentique’s “Spirited” collection, along with the sticker sheet from the collection for the “numbers”.
* A bone folder for crisp folds. I used the one that came with my Martha Stewart Scoring Board.
Walnut Hollow Clock Works. Be sure to get a 1/4″ shaft. I also always get bigger, better clock hands from the same brand
* Darice “Home for the Haunting” fleece spider net. This can be found in the Halloween section of your local Craft Warehouse
* Darice 8 piece Crafter’s Tool Set. You will need the hole puncher and hammer. You will also need a wood or resin block to hammer on top of.
*Aleene’s Tacky Glue in either regular or Quick Grab
* 6″ mat board or thick chipboard for the back. Either square or round.
*Crescent wrench to tighten clock bolts.
* A heavy book to flatten clock while it dries.


Center Circle –

1. Cut 2 sheets of patterned paper into 6″x6″ squares.
2. “Square base” fold each of the 8 pieces. Once you’ve chosen which side of the paper you want to show, that is the “Right” side. The side you want hidden is the “Wrong” side. Fold Right sides together on the diagonal, and wrong sides together on the horizontal. Crease folds well with the bone folder.

Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card3. Nestle together 2 folded pieces, open ends to the center, and put a little glue under the top flap. Be sure to alternate all the layers. (see photo) Continue nestling and gluing until you’ve done all 8. (The last one is tricky, make sure both sides layer right)

Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card4. Once it’s all nestled and squished together to your liking, let glue dry under a heavy book.

NOTE: I love Aleene’s tacky glue for this project because it allows you to move things around for a bit without hardening too fast. Do not use hot glue or a glue runner.Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card

5. After it’s dry, glue the web to the front. Center it nicely and match the spiderweb points up with the origami points. Let dry under the book.

Outside Circle –

1. Cut 2 sheets of your contrasting patterned paper into 5 3/4″x 5 3/4″ squares.

2. Fold once, diagonally, with wrong sides together.

3. Loosely arrange the triangles in a circle and overlap every other point.

4. Place Center circle on top of this loose arrangement, and then get ready to get finicky! You want a 1/4″ between points, and the tip of each center circle point should match the folded edge of the outside circle triangles. (see photo) Take your time. Only be as finicky as you are comfortable, and remember you are using a wet glue and have some wiggle time.

Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card

5. Once arranging is done, lift corners of outside circle and glue where you can. Then lift off center circle, glue some more, and put center circle back on top to secure.

6. Put it all under the book to dry.

Clock Assembly-

1. Glue the 6″ piece of mat board or chip board to the back of the clock. Let dry under the book.

2. Take your hammer and hole punch and find the center of the front of the clock. Place over the wood/resin block and hammer away. With the fleece and mat board it will take a bit to get all the way through. Then enlarge the hole a bit more to make it easier to get the clock part through.

3. From the back, shove the clock part shaft through the center and assemble as instructed on the package. Add hands and top piece. I added stickers from the “Spirited” collection pack to the back of the hands, trimmed and glued to fit.

4. Add “Numbers” of your choice to the 12,3,6,9 clock positions. I used stickers from the collection, backed with die cut glitter paper scalloped circles. You can use anything from buttons, brads, flowers, or any other embellishment, as long as whatever you use doesn’t obstruct the hands as they go around.

Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card

NOTE: The clock parts are not permanently attached. Make clock faces for each holiday or season, or change up your decor, and use the clock parts in each clock face!

Origami Pop Out Card

* Authentique “Spirited” Collection cardstock, die cuts, and stickers.
American Crafts Printed Adhesive Cork Sheets
* American Crafts Glitter Cardstock
* Bone Folder
* Solid Color Cardstock
Lifestyle Crafts Nesting Dies * Tombo Glue Runner
* Aleene’s Tacky Glue
* A heavy book


Front of Card-

The front of the card can be designed and assembled in an infinite number of ways. The card base is a 6″x12″ piece of cardstock, folded in the center. I die cut frame pieces from the cork sheet for each card and used die cut pieces from the “Spirited” Collection with each card, but otherwise they are very different, and the focus on the card is on the origami pop out inside.


1. Glue a 5 3/4″x 5 3/4″ to each face of the inside of the card with a glue runner.

2. The pop out base piece is cut at 6″x 6″.  Do the same “Square base” fold technique used on the clock, but omit 1 diagonal fold.

3. Decorate and embellish as much or as little as you like. For each layer you add to the pop out, be sure to cut it at least a 1/4″ smaller than the layer below it, to allow unobstructed creases. Textures are great, i.e. embossing, but pop dots are not recommended, inside the card.

4. Fold origami pop up piece up. Put Tacky Glue on the bottom flat side and center it on the card fold. Put glue on top flat side and fold the card down on top of it. Get that heavy book again and let the card dry underneath.

5. Decorate and embellish your heart out!

Authentique Spirited Origami Clock and Card