Knitters are creating cowls, scarves and even afghans using the Arm Knitting method. With Arm Knitting you get the look of knitting without using knitting needles! You can make an easy scarf in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show!
Cowl (pictured on the left)

2 Strands Heartland T&Q blue (1 skein)
2 strands Heartland T&Q black (1 skein)

Cast on 5 stitches, you will arm knit all the yarn and cast off.
Weave the short ends together to create the cowl.

Infinity Scarf (pictured on the right)

1 strand Heartland T&Q cream (1 skein)
1 strand Heartland T&Q black (1 skein)
2 strands Marble Chunky red mix (1 skein)

Cast on 7 stitches, arm knit to desired length.
Cast off and weave short ends together to create the cowl.

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