Great DIY gifts for dad on fathers day! I’m so excited to share 6 different gift ideas even your kids can make.

#1. Transform a simple pane window into a photo holder

Choose from our new selection of Americana Déco Art Chalky Paint! It adheres to almost any surface without sanding or priming!
  1. Tape off window pane with painters tape.
  2. Paint frame with Chalky paint 1-2 coats.
  3. Sand areas you would like to rough up to give it a weathered look or put a matt or gloss sealer over the top for a cleaner look.
  4. Place vinyl on the front of the glass by Decorating Your Life.
  5. Place 8×10 photos behind the glass and use 8 mini magnets to hold photo in place. 4 magnets on the front and 4 behind the glass for each photo.

Americana Deco Art Chalky Paint

#2 Personalized photo frame

Personalized photo frame
Not Everyone has artistic handwriting so here is a great way to create this project stress free!
  1. Start by painting the unfinished frame with Chalk Paint.
  2. Print out what you would like to say on a word document.
  3. Place tracing paper under your word document and trace over each letter or image with a pencil.
  4. Lift up paper and you should have an out line of your image.
  5. Use a Bistro Marker to fill in your image.
  6. Last take a white piece of chalk to season your frame.
  7. Wipe off extra chalk and you are done!

Personalized photo frame

#3 Chalky Frame “I love that you’re my father”
Personalized photo frame

This is super easy! Just paint your frame with black acrylic paint, add “I love that you’re my father” vinyl, then season your frame with white chalk!

#4 Decorative Pails

Dad Loves Treats! Create these mini pails with treats and personalized gifts!
These are very fun to make, some of the ideas we used were:
“Daddy’s Stache” – filled with chocolate
“We are Nuts about you” filled with peanuts
“We love you to pieces” filled with Reeces Pieces
“Dad, good for 1 round of golf” filled with golf balls and markers
#5 Customized Shadow Box Frame
  1. Choose a 5×7 or 8×10 shadow box.
  2. Take out the white matting and replace it with scrapbook paper of your choice.
  3. Add a sticker or embellishment plaque to the front of the frame.
  4. Place in your favorite photo and close up frame!
#6 Wall plaque with mini plaques
  1. This wood plaque comes unfinished with 3 hanging mini plaques.
  2. Choose a acrylic paint color and paint the plaques.
  3. Once dry cut down photos to fit and glue on plaques using Beacon 3 in1 glue.
  4. For the center plaque we used Decorating Your Life Vinyl “Family Holds it all together”