Sweetheart Flour Sack Towel

flour sack towel with moda fabric applique


1 flour sack towel

1/3 yard quilt cotton, 42/44in wide

1 fat quarter complementary cotton print

Heat n Bond iron on adhesive


To Bind a flour sack towel

I find this tutorial about binding to be very helpful!

Calculate the circumference of your towel and purchase enough yardage to Cut 2.5in strips that will go all the way around your towel.

I used 4 – 2.5in by width of fabric (WOF) strips to bind this project towel.

Moda First Crush Fabric

Fold and press each strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Moda First Crush Fabric

Open the end of each strip and overlap at right angles with right sides together, then sew diagonally across the two strips.

You will know you did it correctly when you pull on the strips and you get a bias (angled) seam across the join.

Moda First Crush Fabric

 Sewing the binding strip

Moda First Crush Fabric

 Angled (bias seam)

Moda First Crush FabricBias seam from right sides

When all the strips are sewn to each other to create one long binding strip, you will pin the raw edge of the binding to the outer edge of the front of the towel, start stitching about 3 inches from the end of the binding strip.

Moda First Crush Fabric

Using a ¼ inch seam, sew down the strip. When you reach ¼ inch from the corner, you will sew out to the corner.

Moda First Crush Fabric

Now turn your project and line up the binding, folding the binding up to the top edge, sew the next edge of the towel.

Moda First Crush Fabric

Moda First Crush Fabric

Continue until you meet the 3 inches of binding at the start.

Fold over the raw part of the binding strip and stitch through all the layers of the binding, back to your starting point.

Fold the binding over to the back of the towel, press and stitch.

Moda First Crush Fabric


To create the appliqué:

Create your template from paper, by cutting around the image.

Moda First Crush Fabric