TintIT is a Multi-Use Spray Dye made by Design Master. It goes on sheer and will get deeper the more you apply, so it’s perfect for layering and creating an ombre effect. 

TinitIT can be used on glass, fabric, paper, wood, ceramic, styrofoam, fresh or silk flowers and canvas. You control the level of coverage by applying the amount you want. Each layer creates a darker color.

There are so many things you can do with a bottle of TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye. What will you make?


10 crafty ways to use TintIT spray dye.

Ten Ideas to Get you Started 

  1. Ombre Wood Pallet
  2. Tinted Vintage Style Serving Glass
  3. Monogram Ombre Sign
  4. Tinted Mason Jar Lanterns
  5. Recycled Bottles
  6. Tutus
  7. Glass Blocks
  8. Silk Flowers
  9. Marbled Votives/Vases
  10. Tinted Beach Jars

Bonus:  Any paper! We used paper feathers in the image above. The TintIT spray works great on lots of paper, coated or uncoated.