10 Excellent List Ideas for your Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a popular tool for keeping track of your busy life. Along with keeping a monthly, weekly and/or daily planner, a bullet journal can help you get all of those lists out of your head and onto the page. There is no right time to start bullet journaling. That’s the beauty of this dot-grid notebook. You make it what you want when you want.

We like the Leuctturm1917 dot-grid journals for bullet journaling. They are high-quality, beautiful journals with numbered pages and an index in front. This index will come in super handy once you start filling up your Bullet Journal.

Did you know you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down?

You’ll find keeping a Bullet Journal (or Bujo) helps not only with what you want to do, but it also helps you keep track of the things you have already done – which comes in very handy as a reference.

Here are 10 lists that you can start in your journal that will make your life better (and one brilliant hack at the end). That feeling of accomplishment when you check something off that you actually planned to do and then you did it – it’s a great feeling.


1. The Last Time I……

This list is a life-saver. Whenever you do any kind of repeated maintenance to your car, your home or even yourself keep track of it here for easy reference. For example; last time you….changed your oil, changed the air filter in your house, had the gutters cleaned, got a haircut, got a flu shot, flipped your mattress… you get the idea.  Keep this list in the front of your journal as you will use it a lot.

2. Brain Dump

Reserve at least a couple pages for this. Brain Dump is just a place to put down all the things you’ve been thinking about that have no real place. Thoughts, ruminations, things you heard about….

3. Vacation

A bullet journal is great for Vacation planning. A popular entry is a list of all the places you want to go to. When you decide on a certain vacation destination, you can create lists for packing, itinerary, travel info, and while on vacation you can add tickets and scraps to the journal, making it a working scrapbook of your trip.

4. Restaurants to Try

If you find yourself going to the same restaurants and getting the same take-out just because you can’t think of anything else, make a list of restaurants you hear about and want to try. Then you’ll have it ready when your mind is blank from hunger.

5. Self Care List

A self-care list can help when things aren’t going so great and you need some special care. Add things to this list that are healthy and comforting that you can do easily, for example; have some tea, take a bath, do some dancing, use a hot pad, call a friend, use a meditation app, and so on. When you’re down or in pain, it can be hard to think of these things.

6. Work-out Tracking

If you are working out in any way, keeping track of it can help you be accountable and feel some accomplishment as each session goes by. It takes 8-10 weeks to build muscle, so why not make a chart to count-off those weeks? Seeing proof of your hard work is a great way to motivate yourself.

7. Seasonal Activities Lists

The busier life gets the easier it is for a whole season to get away from you.  Suddenly it’s fall and you forgot to make lemonade or enjoy an outdoor concert. Create a Bucket List for each season. It’s fun to come up with ideas for each season and it will remind you to do the simple things that make that time special.

8. Done list

The Done List is a way to value the tasks you have done instead of always seeing to-do lists in front of you. Keeping a record of things you’ve taken care of may come in handy in the future, but just seeing all you have accomplished is also a good reason to start a Done List.

9. Books

It’s easy to forget about your books when there is streaming-this and social-media-that all right there on a small screen. Make a list of the books you want to read. Mark them off or color them in as you read them. A bookshelf is a fun way to do this in your Bullet Journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can do the same thing for movies, magazines and more.

10. Track Anything

Want to see how much sleep you’re getting each night and how it varies? Want to keep track of your moods, savings, your water intake, your eating habits?  If there is anything you’d like to get a better handle on, keeping a log in your Bullet Journal will help you see the bigger picture.

Check out this awesome Bullet Journal Hack

Bullet Journal Hack

Use different colors of washi to separate parts of your bullet journal. You can use them to color code months, seasons, or to mark pages you want to find quickly. Added bonus: It looks pretty!


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