Craft Warehouse Privacy Policy

Voluntarily-Provided Information

Craft Warehouse respects your privacy. Any information that you voluntarily provide through registering for our website or signing up for our e-newsletters will never be shared with anyone. Registration for any of our services requires a valid e-mail address. Additionally, we will confirm your registration through an opt-in process. This just means that when you register your email either on the site or to receive e-newsletters, you will first receive a confirmation e-mail at your provided email address. In order to make your account active, you MUST follow the link provided in this email address. If at any time you wish to be removed from our site's database, simply send us an email and we will delete your account and user information.
Community Forums

Craft Warehouse's online Community Forums are provided as a means of communication and collaboration for Craft Warehouse employees and customers. Most of the forums are readable by the public, to which any website visitor may view. Registered website visitors have additional access privileges. Postings you make to an online forum may be visible to other participants in that forum. If you participate in an online private team, your teammates may have access to portions of your contact information. If you participate in activities in our public forums, others may have access to information about you that you voluntarily provide. By using any Craft Warehouse Community Forums, you are accepting the additional Community Forums Terms of Use:

When you log on to Craft Warehouse's Community forums, you agree to the following terms of use, which are:

* You will not use the community forum:

  • for private or personal gain.
  • for advertising, promotion, sale, or trading of any product or organization.
  • to post slanderous, obscene, defamatory or potentially libelous statements or graphics.
  • to promote political candidates, parties, or positions.
  • to post copyrighted materials without permission.

* Craft Warehouse reserves the right to republish information posted in its public forums.
* Craft Warehouse reserves the right to delete any item which, in its sole opinion, violates these terms of use.
* Craft Warehouse reserves the right to limit the use of its online forums to any individual or group at any time.
* Craft Warehouse reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time.
* Craft Warehouse assumes no responsibility for the content posted or opinions expressed in its online forums.

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